Fencing Repair Serving Austin, TX and Surrounding Areas – Wood, Chain Link, Wrought Iron, and Vinyl Fencing Repaired Affordably


Chain link fence with repaired holeFence Repairs

Austin Fencing Experts is Austin’s premier fence repair company. No matter what is wrong with your fence, chances are, Austin Fencing Experts can get that fence repaired for you. We can install new posts, redo the post holes, repaint, or replace any sections of the fence that need replaced. Austin Fencing Experts can get your old fence looking like new again, just give us a call.

Depending on the type of fence you have surrounding your Austin TX, repair or replacement may at some point become necessary.  Normal wear and tear due to weather or unforeseen events may require you to replace or repair fencing. The type of fence you have will determine the kinds of repairs you will need. Austin Fencing Experts is the company to choose when looking for a quality fencing repair company in the Austin area who doesn’t charge an arm and a leg to make a simple fix.


Chain Link

Chain link fence are durable but will eventually rust. While you can replace sections of chain link if the structural integrity of the fence is compromised you may have to replace an entire fence.


If wood fencing begins to rot you may be able to replace specific areas of the fence such as slats, pickets or posts without having to replace an entire fence. However if there is major damage to one area of a fence this could be an indication that the rest of your fence will need replacement at some point soon as well.

Wrought Iron

Wrought Iron may eventually start to rust if this does occur a repair could be costly. Maintaining your fence and determining when to replace or repair ahead of time could save your fence and save you money in the long run.


Vinyl fencing is quite durable and easy to repair with minimal disturbance to the structural integrity of your fence. If vinyl fence in damaged replacement of individual sections of the fence is possible.


If you are ready to have your Austin property looking beautiful with a newly repaired fence, give us a call today at (512) 351-3181, or fill out our online request form.