Fencing Installation Serving Austin, TX and Surrounding Areas – Wood, Chain Link, Wrought Iron, and Vinyl Fencing Installed Affordably

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Fence Installation

Wrought iron fence being installed in Austin, TX.Austin Fencing Experts is the leading fencing contractor in the area when it comes to new fence installation. Whether you have just built a brand new home, and need a beautiful fence to surround your property, or you are tired of looking at your old fence, and want something new, Austin Fencing Experts can take care of you. Give us a call today, and we will send out one of our fence installation contractors out to provide you with a free fencing estimate.

Austin Fencing Experts can install any type of fence you are looking to add to your property. Determining the kind of fence you will need depends on a variety of factors such as cost, size of fence, function as well as aesthetics. Determining what type of fence is right for you will require you to consider these factors. Our team of professionals can help you determine what kind of fence will best suit your needs while keeping your wallet in mind.



Wood Fences can be constructed in a variety of styles, custom designs, heights and lengths.   We use only the highest quality pressure treated lumber and UV resistant wood stains which ensure durability, long life and minimal maintenance.

Wood Fences are perfect for residential environments providing privacy and beauty to your home or property.


Wrought Iron

Great for residential or commercial use Wrought Iron fencing dates back to Roman times and is sure to bring a level of sophistication and elegance to your home or property. This fencing is great for large commercial use and provides security for large properties. Wrought iron fencing satisfies swimming pool building codes as well as providing safety while enhancing your home or property.


Chain Link

More durable than wood fencing, chain link fencing is cost effective and requires no maintenance.  Great for commercial use as well as security Chain link fence comes in a variety of color options, heights and lends itself to commercial spaces such as parks or baseball fields.  Chain link can also be used on large home properties, landscaping and for privacy.

Chain link is ideal for dog kennels because as it is cost effective and allows your pet see; giving them a larger sense of their surroundings and improving the quality of your pet’s life.



Vinyl fencing comes in many styles. These fences are minimal, sleek and offer fencing with non routed rails and non visible fasteners. These fences provide privacy, security, require virtually no maintenance and will last you life time. This versatile fence maintains its color throughout its life and will provide a beautiful perimeter to your home or commercial property. These elegant fences are sure to increase the value of your home or property.

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Quality Austin Residential Fencing Specialist

Austin Fencing Experts is the only company you need to hire for all of your residential fencing needs. We can surround your property with a fence that can really bring out the look of your home. We can accomplish this with several types of fencing, such as vinyl, wood, chain link, or wrought iron. Call us today, and we can send one of our fencing specialists out to your home for a free estimate.